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With 70 yards on 17 carries in Alabama’s spring football game, incoming freshman Najee Harris looked the part of a player who could declare for the NFL draft after just one season—if such a move was permitted.Throwback Jerseys.Fortunately for fans of the Crimson Tide, Harris will be around for at least three seasons (barring transfer), as college football does not have—and probably never will have—college basketball’s “one-and-done” policy for jumping to the pros.But that didn’t stop us from pretending such an option exists and using it as a means of identifying the incoming stars with the physical attributes to make an NFL roster.For the sake of argument, only true freshmen were considered for this list. Maybe Texas A&M’s Justin Madubuike, Alabama’s Ben Davis or Michigan’s Kareem Walker could make the leap after redshirting the 2016 season, but we’re only interested in those who could go from high school to the NFL in the span of 16 months.Some of these guys might be lucky to even see the field as freshmen, so this shouldn’t be considered a ranking of first-year players most likely to appear on 2017 All-Conference teams.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.Rather, players on the following slides are listed in ascending order of where they might appear in 2018 mock drafts if they were eligible.

While America’s National Football League (NFL) would certainly be considered the premiere American football league in the world, it would be wrong to assume it’s the only place were quality football players can go to ply their trade.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Over the last decade, organized professional football league have been popping up all over the world.For starters, the Canadian Football League has been existence for over 58 years now. While assumed to be drawing nothing but second-tiered players, there have been a few players that made the jump from the CFL to the NFL with great success. Anyone heard of Joe Theismann, Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Ricky Williams or Cameron Wake? With a couple of Hall of Fame NFL players in that mix, it’s not hard to imagine the quality of football being played in Canada is better than expected.In 1986, the NFL made a move to organize the European Football League (EFL) with an agreement to allocate contract players from NFL rosters to help bolster the league. The concept was designed to give NFL teams a “minor league” operation.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.While the league continues operate with six teams, the connection with the NFL have been tenuous at best. Still, it’s a great opportunity for prospective NFL players to showcase their skills in hopes of landing a tryout in NFL.

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Here’s an excerpt from Wooching’s statement that he posted from his Twitter account.Per CBS Sports, Wooching, who began his Huskies career as a fullback but later moved to outside linebacker, was projected as a seventh-rounder or a free agent pick-up in this year’s NFL Draft.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.He had 42 total tackles in 2016, including with seven tackles for loss.Wooching’s high school career began with him playing offensive lineman, but later he was moved to tailback. Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes chronicled Wooching’s late rise on NFL scout’s radars last December.We have seen rugby players and the NFL crossover before, but usually it’s the other way around. Before New England Patriots safety Nate Ebner’s football career began, he grew up as a rugby star during his childhood years. He was even granted a release from the Pats so he could play for Team USA during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.Jerseys For Sale.Former San Francisco 49ers running back Jarryd Hayne retired from the NFL to participate in the Olympics, as well.

For years the National Football League has been the uncontested king of media in an age of fragmentation.Throwback Jerseys.But in 2016, it seems to have run into an even greater force for absorbing the nation’s attention: a presidential election, featuring Donald Trump. After years of steady growth, the NFL’s average television audience fell 8 percent from the previous season.After the election, the NFL’s ratings perked up a bit, but were still flat-to-down through the end of the season and even through this past weekend. The audience for Saturday night’s playoff game between the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks was 20 percent below first Saturday night playoff game of 2015. At best, televised football is no longer a growth industry, but merely a strong business that has peaked. At worst, this is the beginning of a period of steady decline for the one thing on traditional television that was never supposed to waver.Cheap Football Jerseys.

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Cheap NFL Jerseys.Zach Orr is trying to resurrect his NFL career.Orr said Wednesday on Good Morning Football he’s exploring the possibility of coming out of retirement after receiving encouraging diagnoses about the congenital spinal condition which initially seemed to doom his NFL career.At his retirement news conference in January, the former Baltimore Ravens linebacker announced he had a career-ending spinal condition. “If there’s some miracle way where I can play the game, I promise I’d be the first one to grab my cleats again, start back training and try to find a way to get back out there,” he said.Orr has received additional opinions from doctors about his spinal condition over the past few months. Those opinions have been optimistic and countered those offered by the doctors who advised Orr to retire at age 24 when they discovered one of his vertebrae wasn’t fully formed.”When I first found out the news, it was definitely shocking and devastating,” Orr said. “Not only for me and my family, but pretty much everybody that kind of knew me.Wholesale NFL Jersey.But just being around and doing other things, a lot of former players were telling me, ‘You might want to check it out. Because a lot of crazy things happen.’

Jerseys For Sale.Despite the 2016 rise of the Raiders, the Chiefs quietly won the AFC West last season and beat Oakland twice in the process. In each win the Chiefs put up at least 300 yards. Coming off a bye on Oct. 16, they topped 400 yards of total offense, logged 22 first downs and didn’t turn the ball over once.Raiders second-round pick Obi Melifonwu has seen the new Raiders defense up close and thinks that will change in 2017.”I think [we can stop them],” Melifonwu said on Good Morning Football on Monday. “Like I said, with all the guys we have this year, with everybody that’s coming back and with everybody we’ve added, our coaching staff and everybody that’s been really for the cause I think we can stop them.”Actually, I know we can stop them.”While Melifonwu didn’t say it himself, his presence in Jack Del Rio’s defense could be part of the optimism. The UConn product blew scouts away at this year’s NFL combine, prompting NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock to state after watching his tape: “Now we’re getting into the freak zone.”Cheap China Jerseys.With a rare mix of size and speed, he is the latest in a new blend of cornerback and safety prospects strong enough to cover premier tight ends like Kansas City’s Travis Kelce. In two games against the Raiders last year, Kelce posted a modest eight catches for 133 yards and no touchdowns.

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Cheap Sports Jerseys.”I think Aaron is one of those guys who is uniquely talented. Special player in our league for a long time. He can go as long as he wants to,” Romo said during Wednesday’s edition of Total Access on NFL Network. “If he stays injury-free, he may be in his eyes on the back nine, but as long as he wants to continue to take hits, he’ll be able to play until he’s 45. “With Brady also planning to play deep into his fifth decade, Romo believes both star signal-callers are built for the task.”I mean, he has that kind of talent and ability,” Romo said of Rodgers while at the American Century Golf Tournament. Cheap Football Jerseys.”One thing that goes sometimes for quarterbacks as they get up to the 40 level, their legs and their arms start to go a little bit. You just don’t see the same pop in the ball. And a little bit is they just don’t want to take the same hits they’re used to taking. Their body just doesn’t want it the same way they once did.

Cheap Authentic Jerseys.I know it’s hacky. I know Jets fans are likely triggered. Why do you have to show that play? Trust me, this isn’t for comedy’s sake. (Well, maybe it is a little.) There really are a lot of layers to dig through. You have quarterback Mark Sanchez (who I’m a big fan of) making the gaffe of a lifetime, which illustrates the troubles the Jets have had trying to land a franchise signal caller since Namath retired. The game was in prime time (on THANKSGIVING, to be exact) on NBC.Jerseys For Sale.Which shows that even though this team has not won a Super Bowl in decades, it is still under the white-hot spotlight of playing in the Big Apple.The game was also against the Patriots, which, quite frankly, is a factor that merits its own study. For starters, you had Jets coach Rex Ryan, who, upon taking the gig in 2009, said he wasn’t there to kiss the rings of Bill Belichick. Ryan even had some early success against the Patriots, besting New England in a 2010 AFC Divisional Round playoff game. But that was like beating John Cena on RAW or a minor PPV. Eventually, Cena is going to not only go over on you, but end up burying you in a pile of metal folding chairs in embarrassing fashion.

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Cheap Jerseys From China.”I think what you find is that Tom Brady is kind of re-shaping that a little bit, and almost allowing him mentally to change that,” Romo said. “Tom’s throwing the football as well as anybody in the NFL. Aaron will be able to do that same thing if he wants to.”At age 37, Romo is making these comments months after walking away from the rigors of the NFL. He undoubtedly could have played longer, but the idea of multiple current starters in the NFL playing beyond 40 — much less 45 — is aggressive. Peyton Manning’s rapid decline — fairy-tale ending aside — is another reminder that the human body will eventually rebel.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.While Brady’s adventures into peak-performance diet and training has paid dividends, we have no idea how long he — or Rodgers — will last. Romo ultimately serves as a reminder of how quickly our plans can change.