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Rookie Jamal Agnew fielded a punt less than a minute into the fourth quarter, dodged seven Giants players and ran what was called as an 88-yard return to give the Lions a two-touchdown lead over the Giants, which they maintained through the end of the game.Cheap Jerseys.The play had ESPN Monday Night Football analyst and former coach Jon Gruden commenting, “you won’t see a punt return this good for awhile,” and headlines Tuesday morning splashing the 88-yard statistic as the catalyst that caused the Lions to clinch their second win of the season.Behind the scenes — far out of sight of the cheering Lions fans and the bewildered Giants fans — a team of Zebra Technologies employees used data collected from chips inside the ball and inside Agnew’s shoulder pads to figure out exactly how far he ran to make the touchdown: 30 more yards than he was credited with.China Jerseys.

This fall, some of the most elite football players in the National Football League and on college teams around the country have taken the field wearing a new kind of helmet.Jerseys For Sale.The Vicis Zero1 helmet looks almost identical to the standard football helmet, but it has a soft shell that crumples on contact—similar to an automobile bumper—reducing impact against the brain. It offers a wider field of vision, allowing players to see opponents in their periphery who would have otherwise remained invisible. In tests, it has outscored the newest products by the best and oldest manufacturers. It is the first true, and most substantial innovation in the construction of football helmets in decades. Indeed, it may be the most significant breakthrough in brain safety for a sport that over the last ten years has been all but definitively proven to pose significant long term neurological risks.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.This technology is all the more important at the youth and high school levels, where concern over neurological health is greatest. It is probably the safest football helmet in the world, and has the potential to save lives. But in the hands of the NFL, the Zero1 has made the sport a lot more dangerous.

Houston and Cincinnati scored a combined seven points in Week 1. Their quarterbacks were sacked 15 times.Wholesale Jerseys.Heck, the teams had two more turnovers than points scored in the first week of the season.Sure, this is likely something the NFL couldn’t have foreseen. Houston is coming off two consecutive AFC South titles. The Bengals have earned a playoff spot in five of the past six seasons. For all intents and purposes, it should have been a highly entertaining game.That’s before Texans starting quarterback Tom Savage was benched at halftime in Week 1 and Andy Dalton of the Bengals turned the ball over five times in an embarrassing shutout loss to Baltimore in his team’s season opener.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.It’s not as much that the schedule makers couldn’t foresee a bad game here. Instead, it’s simply been par for the course for the NFL.

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