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The Philadelphia Eagles are one step closer to getting a “Kelly Green” alternate uniform, thanks to the NFL’s surprising decision to remove the Color Rush jerseys on Thursday Night Football for the 2018 season. Of course the “Color Rush” jerseys aren’t going away, but can be worn on Sundays and other days during the NFL season (in fairness, the Eagles did that anyway since the Color Rush jerseys were their all-back uniforms worn since 2014). wholesale nfl jerseys.There was another little piece of information that slipped through the cracks which may lead to a return of the “Kelly Green.” NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo  reported that there could also be other tweaks to the NFL’s uniform policy, but did not elaborate as to what they could be.One of the topics at the NFL Owners Meetings was Eagles Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Lurie admitting the team was working with the league to allow a second helmet, the final hurdle to bringing a “Kelly Green” alternate uniform to Philadelphia.”We want a ‘Kelly Green’ helmet to go with the ‘Kelly Green’ jerseys,” Lurie said. “We’re trying to get the league to allow a second helmet. authentic nfl jerseys.That’s where it’s at. They very much know we want this and we want it badly. We’re waiting.”

Lurie didn’t seem optimistic last month the NFL would soften their stance on the “one-shell rule,” but wants to debut the new “Kelly Green” uniforms as soon as possible. cheap nfl jerseys china.The NFL has been listening to his stance with the change to the “Color Rush” uniforms on Thursday Night Football and other changes coming. “I don’t know. As I said, I was on it yesterday,” Lurie said on the debut. “We’re trying to make progress. We don’t have a game for half a year, so you never know. The commissioner has to decide to they want to go with a two-helmet plan. That’s not where we’re at. It’s a one-helmet league. “They know with the Eagles. It’s important to us to have ‘Kelly Green’ jerseys at times. jerseys for sale.To make it look right, you need a matching helmet. Some teams really want it to happen, but there are some complications to it. They have to work it out.”

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