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In what may be the most surprising move of the offseason, two of the three draft-eligible members of Clemson’s defensive line announced they’re skipping the 2018 NFL Draft and returning to school.Cheap NFL Jerseys.Per Clemson football director of communications Tim Bourret, Dabo Swinney announced at a team banquet Saturday that junior Austin Bryant and redshirt sophomore Clelin Ferrell will return to Clemson next season, along with linebacker Kendall Joseph and cornerback Mark Fields.Swinney did not say what star defensive tackle Christian Wilkins plans to do.Ferrell led the team in both tackles for a loss and sacks with 18 and 9.5, while Bryant finished second in each category with 15.5 and 8.5, respectively. Together, with Wilkins and sophomore defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence, they formed what is considered to be the best defensive line in college football.Cheap NBA Jerseys.Both Ferrell and Bryant alluded to the future of Clemson football following the team’s College Football Playoff loss to Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and ultimately decided to put a stay on starting their professional careers.


The Panthers were perhaps the biggest offseason fibbers. Ron Rivera told us that the team was intent on running Cam Newton less in 2017.Look, maybe Carolina did intend to run Newton less. Wholesale Jerseys.They drafted a running back eighth overall, extended their veteran starter and got Newton some quick-strike weapons in the passing game. But you know what they say about the best-laid plans.We’ll keep this one simple. Newton ended up finishing with career-highs in rush attempts (139) and rushing yards (754) in 2017. He actually doubled-up his rushing from 2016. Perhaps we should be happy this one ended up being as wrong as I was that Ty Montgomery would be an RB1 this season (we’ll get to that soon), since his rushing yards boosted him to another top-10 finish.Cheap NHL Jerseys.But we should still approach the keyboard with caution when we’re ready to write the 576th story of Newton’s career about how his team wants to limit the attribute that makes him special.

Cheap Basketball Jerseys.The Wisniewskis are a Penn State football family, and one them is still playing in-state — and still playing this weekend.Stefen Wisniewski, a two-time All-Big Ten selection and 2008 conference champion, is one game away from playing in the Super Bowl. Wisniewski — the son of Leo, a former Penn State nosetackle and second-round draft choice, and nephew of Steve, a two-time All-American and member of the Nittany Lions’ 1986 national championship team — helped the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Atlanta Falcons on Saturday.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.They will play for the Lombardi Trophy with a win over the Minnesota Vikings this weekend.

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Wilson can look around the Bucks locker room and see a lot of guys who look like him.Cheap Hockey Jerseys.Milwaukee took the tall, long-armed Wilson with its first-round pick in 2017. In the early parts of his rookie season, he’s reprised his role from his first two years at Michigan: riding the bench. He’s played just two minutes so far this season but the Bucks will bring him along slowly. “He’s going to be a guy on the floor who causes disruption, who can make plays off the dribble and also shoot the ball,” Milwaukee head coach Jason Kidd recently told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.Cheap Sports Jerseys.

In Frank Vogel’s first season in Orlando, the Magic head coach installed a slow-it-down, grind-it-out system.Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys.You might’ve done the same had your front office just acquired Bismack Biyombo and Serge Ibaka when Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon had already struggled to space the floor together. But as the season progressed, Vogel realized the team needed to change. They began playing faster with better spacing and more ball movement. Biyombo’s minutes waned and Ibaka was traded for Terrence Ross and a 2017 protected first-rounder. The Magic still struggled, but their more modern style offered hope for the future.That hope has begun to bear fruit this season. Orlando’s pace ranks third in the NBA, and it has the best half-court scoring offense, per Synergy Sports. The team ranks first in 3-point percentage and third in assist-to-turnover ratio. The Magic’s defensive rating is 100.4, which ranks ninth.Schoop Jonathan Jerseys.The systematic changes are the foundation of their progression, but X’s and O’s can go only so far. Orlando’s players are also excelling on an individual level.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was an offensive liability during his final season with the Los Angeles Lakers.Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys.Kobe Bryant posted some of the worst volume-shooting numbers ever in his last go-round before going out with a 60-point bang. Even Michael Jordan failed to perform like a superstar during his career-ending campaign with the Washington Wizards, though he was still an overall positive…because of course he was.Stick around long enough, and Father Time gets you. It’s a process as inevitable as a Giannis Antetokounmpo finish in the paint during the 2017-18 campaign.Throwback NBA Jerseys.Now, some of the past decade’s stars are finally succumbing to the advances of the AARP monster.

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This might sound odd to some of you, but I believe the Jets are a really good 32nd-ranked team.I’ve never seen a group with this much defensive line talent at No. 32. I like the pair of young safeties the team added in the draft as well. Jerseys For Sale.Defensively, this unit can be pretty good. I don’t think teams can take New York lightly in 2017.I know there’s talk of the Jets tanking this year to get the No. 1 pick in the draft—even though NFL teams don’t tank—but other teams still have to go out and stop guys like Muhammad Wilkerson, Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams every week, which won’t be easy.My problem with the Jets is they don’t have an answer at quarterback—well, their answer is Josh McCown, anyway—they don’t have a workhorse running back, they have offensive line questions and they lost wideouts Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker in the offseason.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.

“It’s a revived Earl Thomas,” Richard said, via The Seattle Times. “It’s not as if he’s ever taken this game for granted, but, you could just see a guy relieved to be back out there, playing football again, doing what he loves to do.”Cheap NFL Jerseys China.Remember, just a few months ago Thomas was mentioning retirement after breaking his leg against the Panthers in early December. At the time, he tweeted: “This game has been so good to me no regrets. A lot is running through my mind including retirement thanks for all the prayers.”This was a moment of panic for the Seahawks, who count on Thomas and fellow safety Kam Chancellor to keep the Legion of Boom lined up and in check. Both have been the bedrock of this once-in-a-generation defense and losing one, as we’ve seen with Thomas’ injury and Chancellor’s holdout, often leads to dips in performance.China Jerseys.

The NFL preseason began last week with the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, but it was hardly something to get excited about.Custom Jerseys.With no stars in either lineup—barely any projected starters were in action when the Dallas Cowboys beat the Arizona Cardinals this past Thursday evening—it was a rather dull affair. That should change this week, as the rest of the league prepares to make their exhibition debuts in Week 1 of the preseason.All 32 teams are taking the field this week, beginning on Wednesday night with the Houston Texans and Carolina Panthers squaring off and ending with a Sunday evening battle between the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Chargers. While none of these contests will be nationally televised, viewers in market and with various premium television packages will be able to catch their favorite squad for the first time this season.Youth Football Jerseys.

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Here’s an excerpt from Wooching’s statement that he posted from his Twitter account.Per CBS Sports, Wooching, who began his Huskies career as a fullback but later moved to outside linebacker, was projected as a seventh-rounder or a free agent pick-up in this year’s NFL Draft.Cheap Authentic Jerseys.He had 42 total tackles in 2016, including with seven tackles for loss.Wooching’s high school career began with him playing offensive lineman, but later he was moved to tailback. Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes chronicled Wooching’s late rise on NFL scout’s radars last December.We have seen rugby players and the NFL crossover before, but usually it’s the other way around. Before New England Patriots safety Nate Ebner’s football career began, he grew up as a rugby star during his childhood years. He was even granted a release from the Pats so he could play for Team USA during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.Jerseys For Sale.Former San Francisco 49ers running back Jarryd Hayne retired from the NFL to participate in the Olympics, as well.

For years the National Football League has been the uncontested king of media in an age of fragmentation.Throwback Jerseys.But in 2016, it seems to have run into an even greater force for absorbing the nation’s attention: a presidential election, featuring Donald Trump. After years of steady growth, the NFL’s average television audience fell 8 percent from the previous season.After the election, the NFL’s ratings perked up a bit, but were still flat-to-down through the end of the season and even through this past weekend. The audience for Saturday night’s playoff game between the Detroit Lions and the Seattle Seahawks was 20 percent below first Saturday night playoff game of 2015. At best, televised football is no longer a growth industry, but merely a strong business that has peaked. At worst, this is the beginning of a period of steady decline for the one thing on traditional television that was never supposed to waver.Cheap Football Jerseys.

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Cheap Sports Jerseys.”I think Aaron is one of those guys who is uniquely talented. Special player in our league for a long time. He can go as long as he wants to,” Romo said during Wednesday’s edition of Total Access on NFL Network. “If he stays injury-free, he may be in his eyes on the back nine, but as long as he wants to continue to take hits, he’ll be able to play until he’s 45. “With Brady also planning to play deep into his fifth decade, Romo believes both star signal-callers are built for the task.”I mean, he has that kind of talent and ability,” Romo said of Rodgers while at the American Century Golf Tournament. Cheap Football Jerseys.”One thing that goes sometimes for quarterbacks as they get up to the 40 level, their legs and their arms start to go a little bit. You just don’t see the same pop in the ball. And a little bit is they just don’t want to take the same hits they’re used to taking. Their body just doesn’t want it the same way they once did.

Cheap Authentic Jerseys.I know it’s hacky. I know Jets fans are likely triggered. Why do you have to show that play? Trust me, this isn’t for comedy’s sake. (Well, maybe it is a little.) There really are a lot of layers to dig through. You have quarterback Mark Sanchez (who I’m a big fan of) making the gaffe of a lifetime, which illustrates the troubles the Jets have had trying to land a franchise signal caller since Namath retired. The game was in prime time (on THANKSGIVING, to be exact) on NBC.Jerseys For Sale.Which shows that even though this team has not won a Super Bowl in decades, it is still under the white-hot spotlight of playing in the Big Apple.The game was also against the Patriots, which, quite frankly, is a factor that merits its own study. For starters, you had Jets coach Rex Ryan, who, upon taking the gig in 2009, said he wasn’t there to kiss the rings of Bill Belichick. Ryan even had some early success against the Patriots, besting New England in a 2010 AFC Divisional Round playoff game. But that was like beating John Cena on RAW or a minor PPV. Eventually, Cena is going to not only go over on you, but end up burying you in a pile of metal folding chairs in embarrassing fashion.

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Cheap Jerseys From China.”I think what you find is that Tom Brady is kind of re-shaping that a little bit, and almost allowing him mentally to change that,” Romo said. “Tom’s throwing the football as well as anybody in the NFL. Aaron will be able to do that same thing if he wants to.”At age 37, Romo is making these comments months after walking away from the rigors of the NFL. He undoubtedly could have played longer, but the idea of multiple current starters in the NFL playing beyond 40 — much less 45 — is aggressive. Peyton Manning’s rapid decline — fairy-tale ending aside — is another reminder that the human body will eventually rebel.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.While Brady’s adventures into peak-performance diet and training has paid dividends, we have no idea how long he — or Rodgers — will last. Romo ultimately serves as a reminder of how quickly our plans can change.

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Kevin Mathis was a turnover magnet producing two interceptions, forcing two fumbles and recovering four other fumbles.As a result, the defense put the team in position to win their last division title of the Nineties. Authentic NFL Jerseys. The Cowboys were able to hold teams under 14 points in nine games.  That was good enough to make the third best scoring defense.  The pass defense, specifically, did well enough to allow just a 76.3 quarterback rating.Since that time, the Cowboys have had some talented players in the defensive backfield but never a group like that.Dallas has tried the draft, using three top ten overall picks on guys like Terence Newman, Roy Williams and Morris Claiborne.  cheap jerseys.They have opened up the checkbook in free agency for guys like Brandon Carr.Unfortunately, none of it has seemed to result in any type of success, be it short-term or sustainable.

The Cowboys held their final day of minicamp on Thursday, culminating nine weeks of workouts, practices and meetings. For many of their players, it’s been an even longer road, going back as far as February and March for players-only workouts.Starting Thursday afternoon, though, the true offseason begins, as the Cowboys begin a five-week break before reporting to training camp in late July.wholesale jerseys.“I think it’s good for them,” said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. “Obviously, when we get back to training camp in Oxnard, it’s a very demanding time for everybody. I think it’s important for all of us to get away from it.”It’s an annual rite of passage in the NFL, as the early portion of summer is as close to a dead period as there is in the year-round cycle of the NFL. Cheap NFL Jerseys.It still feels a bit strange to see a team come together over the course of a month of practices, only to break away before training camp.

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Now that Sean Lee has moved past the persistent injuries that threatened to ruin his career, it’s become easier to discuss what he went through before coming out the other side.Jerseys For Sale.The Cowboys linebacker fielded countless questions about his frustration during those days. Lee had to walk a fine line between acknowledging the doubts without letting them define him. He couldn’t allow himself to become a player unable to fulfill his promise because he couldn’t stay healthy.”That’s a rabbit hole I didn’t want to go down,” Lee said. “I made sure…”I knew when I was healthy I could help this team win, I could play linebacker the right way, and my goal was ‘hey, I’ve got to stay healthy and I’ve got to find a way to get better.Youth Football Jerseys.’ That’s where I kept my focus.